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How EXPO 2020 DUBAI Improved Conversion by 37% with TEALIUM Customer Data Hub

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Even for a regular, small-scale business event, achieving improved conversion rates through marketing can prove to be quite a challenge. And for a project such as the World Expo, the task of attracting and retaining visitors over the course of the event’s entire duration may seem wholly impossible. 

But with modern digital marketing solutions, that’s certainly not the case. 

Read on to learn how Expo 2020 Dubai empowered their targeted marketing and significantly improved conversion rates with the help of Tealium’s Customer Data Hub.


The postponing of Expo 2020 Dubai due to the Covid-19 pandemic generated the need to up marketing efforts in order to keep the attendees’ attention. However, a significant issue arose – the Expo 2020 Dubai team had initially used a cookie-based data management platform (DMP) to power their engagement. Once the event was postponed, all customer data was lost.

The marketing team needed a Customer Data Platform that could help them handle fresh, first-party customer data, to regain some of their lost momentum.


Tealium’s Customer Data Hub allowed Expo 2020 Dubai to retarget potential visitors with more efficiency, generating, in addition, a deeper understanding of the event’s audience. It improved conversion rates up to 37%.

For example, the solution enabled the marketing team to identify customers who had long-term Expo 2020 Dubai passes but hadn’t yet redeemed their tickets, and then prompt them to visit more than one event, or even buy a repeat ticket. 

Having improved targeting, the CDP also had a role in better management and optimization of resources overall.


The targeting achieved with Tealium’s Customer Data Hub enabled Expo 2020 Dubai to improve their conversion rate by 37% across the event’s six-month duration. With targeted marketing and engagement, the success of the event surpassed expectations – with 24.1 million visits in total.

“Marketing an event of this scale, within such a tight timeframe, from the ground up, to hit a target of over 20 million visits, felt like a near-impossible task. It demanded the marketing infrastructure that would allow us to personalise customer targeting at huge scale. Tealium’s Customer Data Hub made identification, personalisation, and segmentation possible. To achieve the conversion rates that we did, in such a short timeframe, is nothing short of miraculous”



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