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Conversion Rate Optimization


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You’re losing revenue with every missed conversion

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e-CENS helps improve your conversion rates at every step in the user journey

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

You’re spending more money acquiring new customers when you could be converting your existing customers for cheaper. So, why aren’t you? CRO can help.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) improves the user experience with data. By uncovering your site’s pain points and fixing them, you can improve conversion and see better results.

We’re tool-agnostic and support all CRO tools. Some popular tools on the market include Optimizely, Adobe Target, Crazy Egg, Hotjar, and Contentsquare.

Conversion Rate Optimization by e-CENS

Through our partnership with top CRO agency Invesp, our comprehensive CRO services include:

Types of Conversion Rate Optimization Challenges We Help Solve

  • Shopping Cart Drop-Off
  • Home Page Bounce Rate Reduction
  • Form Abandonment
  • Product Catalog Upsell and Cross-Sell
  • Landing Page Conversion
  • Microsite / App Underperformance

Our Expertise in Conversion Rate Optimization

e-CENS performs CRO implementations for multiple industries and many companies in the same industry. 

  • We bring knowledge and experience – CRO is one of our main services.
  • We intervene on both the technical and business side of optimization. 
  • We know where you need to start for the highest incremental gains. 
  • We know what the latest industry standards are.
  • We are tool-agnostic and technology-neutral.

What Should you Expect from an
e-CENS Conversion Rate Optimization Project?

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Your end users constantly compare their experience between competitors and even with what their experience is like outside your industry (called fluid expectations), always favoring more intuitive, efficient, and frictionless experiences. 

Benchmarking your experience against the best-in-class and the best-in- industry helps you progress and attain higher conversion, while achieving the best of yourself. 

Wouldn’t it be easy just to copy the experience from another business? Unfortunately, even if you like what you see, there is no assurance that it will work for your company. In order to implement a change, however promising it might seem, you will still need to provide an indication of what lift it is estimated to bring, before you roll it out. You first need testing and impact assessment.

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Website and App Performance Optimization

As business and technology experts, we review all elements that contribute to the user experience. An important component of CRO is the speed and performance of the web and app, resulting from a proper architecture and code configuration. 

Website and app performance are chiefly IT expertise; however, our team has skills to help your IT team identify opportunities and improve the performance. 

We work with front-end developers responsible for coding the experience. Sometimes, they can optimize A/B testing scripts to reduce the turnaround time and produce test results faster. Frequently, they can improve architecture and lighten up the pages, and we collaborate with them as best practice guides and coaches.

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Tagging and Tracking Optimization

In the complex environment when multiple parties are working on your website and other digital properties, there is frequently a proliferation of tracking pixels and tags. It results in a slow experience and collection of redundant confusing data that later needs to be deduped.

We recommend that multiple tracking tools and pixels from all the social media and other marketing automation should be pushed from the client side to the server side using modern technology and proper tag management tools.

It also happens that past marketing agencies leave behind their tracking, benefiting them with free intelligence, detrimental to your performance.

Review of your current tagging and tracking can reveal that you are using outdated methods and tools from previous generations. New generation easily outperforms them and provides an edge to more tech-savvy competitors in your market. 

We can recommend and help install proper and most suitable tag management solutions. We are vendor-neutral and work with all leading solutions, such as Tealium IQ, Google Tag Management, Adobe Tagging, and others.

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Data Collection and Connection

While tagging user activities and experience steps, we make sure to collect more information than you currently have. 

In order to make collected data useful and analysis-ready, our data scientists perform multiple operations and ETL steps with the data to derive new variables and dimensions not previously used. 

Having more data enables regression analysis and modeling of complex consumer behavior, especially when multiple channels are involved. New variables and new views allow us to see user activities and behavior in the new light, from a different angle than previously possible.

Many new data elements can be continuously used by the business after the engagement to incorporate the most useful innovation into your routine analysis.

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Data Analysis and Hypothesis Formulation

When our team reads the data, we first analyze if your specific drop-off points are outside the industry acceptable typical range. If some abandonment metrics are especially high, it gives an indication of where to start. For example, if we notice that users cannot find the products, we will start with the catalog experience optimization. 

If nothing seems to be a glaring issue, we will typically start from the bottom of the funnel. Resolving issues closer to the transaction conversion and working the way up to the beginning of the journey yields the best ROI on CRO investment. 

Sometimes, we work on many optimizations in parallel, depending on the story that the collected data tells us. 

Data and our extensive experience help generate multiple hypotheses as to why the users are experiencing difficulties and what would be a better design of the conversion step.

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Testing and Hypothesis Validation

Armed with the data and several hypotheses, e-CENS conducts A/B testing, multi-variable testing, heat map analysis, and multiple other tests and analyses. We collect evidence and proof of why the attribution is happening and what type of improvements need to be implemented. We measure the received delta and help you roll out the new winners. 

Sometimes, the new experience is universal and replaces the old experience. Other times, it is very narrow, like a mobile experience optimization, resulting from the reports such as Page Performance per Device Type. Intervention can also be as narrow as replacing font size on one page with smaller font, to make that critical page perform faster.

Most of the time, the outcome of the testing is the new winning experience, while other times, our hypotheses need to be reimagined or tweaked to form a new test. Iterative process of testing eventually results in proven incremental gains and can be used to justify the rollout and additional investments into the new experience. 

e-CENS can help build an investment case and support you while you are selling it internally.

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Enablement of Continuous Benchmarking Adoption

After you have made progress on attaining the best level of experience, the Conversion Rate Optimization process does not stop. Improvement is a continuous cycle. With lessons learned from our engagement, your team can turn it into an ongoing process. We enable your organization to continue this process and provide ample training experience to ensure you can be self-sufficient.

The engagement typically ends with the transfer of Ongoing Maintenance and Best Practices Checklist, assigning specific steps to various internal teams (e.g., marketing, IT, analytics, product).

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Conversion Rate Optimization Case Study

Learn how partnering with e-CENS has boosted a telecommunications business’ CRO by 319.21% through Google Analytics (360) Enhanced eCommerce implementation.

Smart Form Data Validation

A very useful smart form behavior is real-time data validation. For example, validation of the email address reduces garbage data collection and enables the timely response expected by the user.

e-CENS assists in the implementation and optimization of form experience, including deciding on fields, proper field names, mandatory and non-mandatory fields, watermark examples, and so on.

Conversion Rate Optimization Tools and Technologies

e-CENS is tool-agnostic: we operate on any platform in the world, even your homegrown. For Conversion Rate Optimization, we most frequently use Optimizely or Adobe Target, when working with major corporations, and Google Optimize, Crazy Egg, or Hotjar at smaller enterprises.

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