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Solution Design


Is your data a mess?

You need better documentation. Solution Design from e-CENS can help.

e-CENS' Solution Design process is the blueprint behind your analytics implementation project.

Why should you care about Solution Design?

Imagine this: You need to know how many users signed up for your newsletter last month, so you open your web analytics tool. You think the event is called “newsletter_signup”, but then you see another event called “signup_newsletter.” Both have a similar amount of volume and seem legitimate. How should you know which event to use?

If you’ve been maintaining a Solution Design document, you’d know the answer. Everyone in your organization could see that a “newsletter_signup” event already exists, and a duplicate doesn’t need to be created.

What is Solution Design?

Comprehensive Solution Design keeps your data organized and ensures your organization is on the same page about every tracked dimension and metric.

In the realm of Digital Analytics, Solution Design typically refers to a spreadsheet outlining every tracked element and the naming conventions used. It’s a living technical document: to be updated as your business evolves. It’s not meant to be completed once and then set aside forever.

Does Solution Design only benefit Web Analytics?

Definitely not! Solution Design is hugely helpful for media, Customer Data Platforms, personalization tools, and more. If you’ve documented every dataLayer event name in use and the custom variables being passed with those events, those events take on a whole new life outside of Web Analytics.

For example, you could use your CDP to create a Segment of users who had completed a given event over a specific threshold and then target media for that audience in your desired platform

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