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Conversion Rate Optimization

 The Challenge

A leading telecom service provider with coverage in the Middle East and Africa regions faced two major challenges in Conversion Rate Optimization, low conversion rates, and an incomplete tracking implementation.

1. Low Conversion Rates

Overall average conversion rates sat at 0.47%. The telecom’s marketing team was highly-motivated to improve conversion and very keen to improve the tracking strategy to assist them to identify customer pain points.

2. Incomplete Analysis Tracking 

Due to the absence of an efficient tracking strategy, the marketing team at the telecom company had limited insight into user behavior, eCommerce transactions, conversion funnel, user abandonment, and conversion durations. They wished to improve the strategy and build a more coherent picture of the overall duration by recording time:

      • From visit initiation to product added to cart
      • From checkout start to product purchase (the checkout duration)

The marketing team also wanted to implement a more effective campaign management initiative. Their restricted ability to track marketing campaign attribution was frustrating.

Finally, the telecom team suspected that they were suffering from form field abandonment and were keen to ensure tracking was implemented on forms.

To add to the complexity of the challenge, the telecom needed their tracking visibility across their product categories such as:

      • Postpaid (billing of high- and low-value clients)
      • Prepaid plans
      • Home plans
      • Device only plans
      • Packages: Devices + Plans
      • Poor capability to track marketing campaign attribution and effectiveness

The Solution

e-CENS developed a comprehensive data collection and user behavior tracking solution with a Google Analytics (360) Enhanced e-Commerce implementation.
Google Analytics (360) Enhanced e-Commerce allows marketing teams to undertake user journey tracking and top paths analysis. It identifies conversion funnel fallouts and form abandonment locations. Importantly, it can do this at a product-category level.

e-CENS organized different groups of users based on how they interacted with the website on desktop and mobile devices. They used Google Ads and Google Marketing Platform to reach out to these users. They then shared this information with the marketing platform to make their reporting better.

The Value

As a result of the partnership with e-CENS’ the client was to identify the potential pain points in their customer journeys. By offering the client a more comprehensive overview, it became feasible to pinpoint the specific areas that required optimization.

Early optimization efforts resulted in a jump in conversion rates to 1.49+; more than triple the initial rate. The bounce rate decreased by 27% and the average session duration increased by 37%.

The telecom marketing team now enjoys working with highly-targeted audiences and customer segments. They are able to apply advanced personalization (through Google Optimize) improving user engagement.

The telecommunications team is now in a prime position to deliver a comprehensive telecommunications experience to their customers. This is achieved through personalized user journeys that enhance ROI and drive customer retention.

Bashar Hafez

Bashar Hafez

Bashar is a seasoned global technology executive with nearly 20 years of experience leading software, product development, and analytics organizations at Fortune 500 companies, regional and global brands.

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