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How We Spiced Up a Food Giant’s Customer Engagement: A Recipe for Success with MoEngage

At e-CENS, we know bland marketing doesn’t cut it in the MENA region. We’re all about personalization – understanding your customers and crafting experiences that resonate with their unique tastes. That’s exactly what we did for a major player in the food industry.

The Challenge: Bland Communication, Flat Results

Our client, a prominent figure in the food industry, was struggling to connect with its customers. Its marketing strategy relied on a one-size-fits-all approach, leading to low engagement and ineffective campaigns. People weren’t resonating with the brand, and its bottom line was feeling the heat.

The Secret Ingredient: Personalization Powered by MoEngage

We knew it was time to spice things up! We partnered with the food giant, bringing our expertise in personalization to the table. Together, we crafted a data-driven strategy designed to tantalize every taste bud.

MoEngage: The Platform that Unlocked Flavor Profiles

MoEngage, a powerful customer engagement platform, became our secret weapon. Using its advanced data tools, we were able to:

  • Craft Detailed Customer Profiles: We went beyond demographics, building profiles that captured each customer’s unique preferences – favorite cuisines, preferred languages, and more.
  • Targeted Treats, Not Generic Eats: Gone were the days of generic messages! We sent personalized communications that resonated with each individual. Imagine recipe ideas for your favorite dish, special deals on your go-to ingredients, or exclusive discounts on exciting culinary experiences – all based on what you love!

The Results: A Feast for the Eyes (and Wallet)

The results were as delicious as a perfectly cooked meal. Here’s a taste:

  • Click-through rates skyrocketed! People were finally paying attention to messages that were relevant and enticing.
  • Language mattered! Arabic-speaking customers responded significantly better to messages in their native language, proving the power of personalization.
  • A true partnership: We weren’t just an agency; we were a trusted partner, helping the food giant leverage MoEngage effectively and achieve their goals.

The Bottom Line: Happy Customers, Happy Business

By getting to know their customers and tailoring communication, we helped this food giant transform from bland to brand craving. They’re now engaging their customers in a whole new way, leading to a 20% Uplift in Revenue from their Loyalty Management Program through hundreds of personalized campaigns across 10 MENA countries.

So next time you see a food campaign that speaks directly to your cravings, it might just be the result of e-CENS’ expertise in personalization, powered by MoEngage!

Mostafa Daoud

Mostafa Daoud

Mostafa Daoud is the Interim Head of Content at e-CENS.

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