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UA vs. GA4: Campaign Tracking

UA vs. GA4: Campaign Tracking

UA (Universal Analytics) and GA4 (Google Analytics 4) are two versions of Google Analytics that differ in their approach to tracking user behavior across websites and applications. While UA uses cookies to track user activity, GA4 uses an event-based model that captures user interactions as events.

In terms of campaign tracking, UA uses parameters such as source, medium, and campaign to track the performance of marketing campaigns, while GA4 uses a more flexible approach that allows for custom parameters and event-based tracking of campaign engagement.

Additionally, GA4 incorporates machine learning to provide insights into user behavior and lifetime value. Overall, while UA is more established and widely used, GA4 offers a more modern and flexible approach to tracking user behavior and campaign performance.

We’ve all come to rely on Universal Analytics for tracking the performance of our marketing campaigns. With the switch to Google Analytics 4, how has campaign tracking changed?

A side-by-side comparison reveals that GA4’s scope is greater than UA’s, even though its offer of reports is limited:

UA vs. GA4 campaign tracking

So, what does GA4’s campaign tracking deliver, and what does the addition of new campaign parameters and dimensions mean for your marketing analytics?

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