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Google Data Studio 201

google data studio

About this course:

This course is designed for intermediate users who have taken the Data Studio 101 course. It is also recommended that the attendees are familiar with Google Analytics, prior to taking this course.

This course will take you through advanced concepts of creating Google Data Studio reports through advanced data integrations and custom reporting features.

I: Connecting to Data Sources Beyond Google Analytics

Topics covered:

Expand data connection opportunities with Google Sheets, Google Big Query and Third-Party connectors.

II: Adding Advanced Interactivity to Visualizations

Topics covered:

Show your audience the full story by slicing and dicing the data with custom dropdowns and meaningful drill-downs.

III: Visualising Data with Pivot Tables

Topics covered:

Dual Axis Charts

IV: Creating Advanced Calculations

Topics covered:
  • Create your own calculated fields and dimensions for data cleaning, conversion rates, running calculations, and more.
  • Spreadsheet Data Source
    • Use Google Sheets as another way to provide data in reports.

V: Blending Data Sources

Topics covered:

Blend data between multiple origins into one data source.

VI: Transforming Data Sets

Topics covered:

Transforming Metrics & Dimensions with Calculated Fields and a range of functions that Data Studio supports e.g Lower/Upper Functions, Concat(), RegEx_Extract, RegEx_Match, as well as Case Statements for grouping dimension values together.

Learning Outcome

By the end of this course, you will gain the knowledge to fully customize data sources beyond Google Analytics into a Google Data Studio report. You will be able to learn the different sources and methods of connecting your data to a report and understand the basic concepts of successful visualization.