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The Digital Disruption Podcast

Assessing the Impact of Digital Transformation on Customer Experience

January 10, 2024 Season 1 Episode 5
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The Digital Disruption Podcast

Assessing the Impact of Digital Transformation on Customer Experience

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Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 5 of The Digital Disruption Podcast!

In this episode, we dive into the impact of digital transformation on customer experience.

We explore the need to balance this impact and avoid negative consequences while discussing the importance of evaluating current customer experiences and potential areas for improvement.

We emphasize the strategic work involved in customer engagement and caution against solely investing in technology without a strong execution strategy.

From operational efficiency to data-driven segmentation and personalization, we cover it all.

Stay tuned as we provide insights into the connection between business growth and digital transformation and tease the next episode’s exploration of digital maturity.


[01:13] Digital transformation impacts four key areas: customer experience, business growth, workforce transformation, and operational efficiency.

[03:53] Automation of road processes, data centralization in the cloud, and real-time monitoring for anomalies improve efficiency and reduce the need for human intervention.

[09:35] Automation increases risk, requiring monitoring and quality assurance. Measurement frameworks and tools like Claravine can ensure data quality in automated processes.

[11:22] Discussing business innovation’s impact on customer experience and risk management in digital transformation.

[16:59] Use of poor digital practices can amplify customer dissatisfaction. Coordination is needed for digital maturity and customer engagement.

[20:43] Discuss business growth and its relationship to high performance, strategic level, and team impact.

[22:58] Use integrated centralized data for advanced customer segmentation and marketing strategies.

[25:12] Businesses use digital data for analysis and targeting customers to build and retain a customer base.

[31:14] Measure results, qualitative and quantitative.

[33:24] Digital transformation is interconnected and often discussed in past and current episodes.