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Measurement Strategy



Enhance your measurement strategy with e-CENS

e-CENS enhances your measurement strategy for a better understanding of your goals and KPIs. With better measurement, you can make smarter and more efficient marketing decisions.

What is measurement strategy?

You have great products and services, you created amazing offers, yet, many of your online visitors never make it to the point where they can enjoy them. They abandon the journey.

Every project at e-CENS begins with examining your company’s measurement strategy. Your measurement strategy is foundational to everything we do —whether it’s a GA4 migration, a Customer Data Platform implementation, or a Digital Transformation project.

While some companies come to us with their business initiatives, KPIs, and key segments already mapped out, others look to us for strategic guidance. Our approach ensures that what matters gets measured and that measurement aligns with your business needs.

How we approach measurement strategy:

discovery Measurement Strategy

Discovery & Requirements

During Discovery, e-CENS works with your stakeholders to gather the business requirements that are key to the project. This may take the form of video calls, Google Forms, and emails. You will also share your KPIs, business/marketing initiatives, objectives, and key segments at this time. You’ll also share your goals for the project – e.g.. “Better visibility into my website performance” or “A unified data collection strategy across all my marketing data sources”.

Discovery looks different for every type of project we work on (Web Analytics, Digital Transformation, Personalization, etc.), but the goal is always the same: beginning the project with a solid understanding of your business requirements.

metrics framework Measurement Strategy

2. Measurement Framework

After Discovery, e-CENS collates all requirements into a comprehensive Measurement Framework document. This document covers our understanding of the business requirements and how we plan to address them in the implementation stage of work.

Measurement Strategy

Client Sign-Off

Client sign-off is crucial prior to any implementation work. Aligning early and often increases efficiency throughout the project.

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Subscription-based industries
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