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Mobile Measurement Partners (MMP) are third-party providers who attribute, collect, and organize app data for a unified view of a brand’s campaign performance.

Adjust is a preferred e-CENS vendor for mobile app analytics and measurement. 

Adjust helps you measure what matters

Adjust Measure is the core of Adjust’s product suite. Using it, you get insight into your customers’ user journeys to your app and how your marketing campaigns are contributing to ad impressions, ad clicks, and app downloads.

This type of attribution enables you to make smarter marketing decisions and put your budget where it’s most effective

Adjust makes sense of your data

Adjust DataScape is an intuitive reporting solution for visualizing your app performance data. With all your data in one place, you can draw insights and make decisions more quickly.

Adjust automates your marketing decisions

Adjust’s Automate product line offers alerts on your KPIs, an audience builder, and mobile campaign automation.

These tools allow you to scale your mobile campaigns and let you compete against other apps with larger marketing teams.

Adjust keeps your data and users safe

With their Protect products, Adjust is committed to keeping your data and your users safe. Adjust protects you against fraudulent downloads and saves you money.

They also give you more control over your data by storing and processing it in a specific, client-defined location.

google surveys Adjust

Google Surveys 360

Understanding your customer shouldn’t be a guessing game. Google Surveys 360 helps you gain valuable consumer insights to make smarter, faster business decisions.