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Google Analytics 301 (GA301)

ga 4

About this course:

This is an advanced analytics course which is designed for those who are familiar with Google Analytics and wish to go beyond the day-to-day reporting and aim to build a power set of skills around customer insights through Google Analytics and Tag Manager. It will help to understand how to set up advanced reports and concepts for brand awareness, e-commerce and lead generation.

Session 1: Google Tag Manager (GTM) Implementation

Topics covered:
  • GTM Core Concepts:
    • Container, Tags
    • Triggers, Variables and Data Layer
  • Implementing GA through GTM:
    • Pageviews, Events, Virtual pageviews
    • Extending the GA dataset with custom dimensions
    • GTM Access Rights and Workflow
    • GTM Deployment Features
    • Cross Domain and Sub-Domain tracking
    • Non pageview interaction
    • Setup custom dimensions and metrics
    • Cross-device user tracking
    • Offline data importing
    • Content grouping

Session 2: Continuation of GTM Implementation and Introduction to GA4

Topics covered:
  • Reporting Fundamentals – Recap
    • Reporting Features
    •  Acquisition Data & Reporting
    • Conversion and Attribution
      • Multi channel funnel reporting
    • Ecommerce tracking
    • Filtering and Segmentation            
    • 3rd party marketing pixel implementation
    • Introduction to GA4 (App + Web)
      • Implementation
      • Reporting and Analysis

Learning Outcome

Discover Tag Manager to create custom events and variables, gain a deeper understanding of implementing GA through GTM. You will also get an understanding of Google Analytics 4 and learn about the implementation process and the various reports.