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About this course:

Maximise the value of your Search investment by upskilling your team and building a speciality where you have the knowledge and control.

e-CENS offers comprehensive SA360 Training Workshops designed to help you maximize the value of your Search investment. By upskilling your team and building expertise in Search Ads 360 (SA360), you can gain the knowledge and control needed to drive success in your search advertising campaigns.

Search Ad 360 Essentials (Non-Practitioners)

Our Search Ad 360 Essentials course is ideal for those new to SA360. In just 1.5 hours, you will gain a solid understanding of where Search Ads 360 fits into the Google Marketing Platform (GMP). You will learn the fundamentals of SA360, including its purpose and use cases. The course covers trafficking solutions, with a focus on Floodlight Tracking, and explores the reporting capabilities of SA360. Get an overview of the user interface and enhance your skills with Search Ad 360 Essentials for just $1,300.

Topics covered:
  • Where Search Ads 360 Fits into GMP
  • What is Search Ads 360
  • What Do We Use It For
  • Trafficking Solutions (Floodlight Tracking)
  • Reporting Capabilities listed
  • User Interface Overview
Time: 1.5 hours
$ 1,300

Search Ad 360 Fundamentals (Practitioners)

For practitioners looking to deepen their knowledge and skills in SA360, our Search Ad 360 Fundamentals course is tailored to meet your needs. Over a 2.5-hour session, you will learn about managing user access, creating and managing sites, campaign management, campaign structure creation and setup, rules, custom columns, inventory campaigns, bid strategies, and basic reporting. Get an overview of executive reports and elevate your proficiency in SA360 Fundamentals for only $2,000.

Topics covered:
  • About Search Ads 360
  • Managing User Access
  • What are sites & How to Create Them
  • Campaign Management:
  • Campaign Structure – Creation and Set up
  • Rules
  • Custom columns
  • Inventory Campaigns
  • Bid Strategies
  • Basic Reporting incl overview of
    Executive Reports.
Time: 2.5 hours
$ 2,000

Search Ad 360 Advanced Modules

To take your SA360 expertise to the next level, our Search Ad 360 Advanced Modules course provides advanced techniques and strategies. Dive into advanced bid strategies and reporting, campaign management with automated rules, custom columns and views, and attribution. Expand your skillset and stay ahead of the competition with Search Ad 360 Advanced Modules for just $2,000.

Topics covered:
  • Advanced Bid Strategies & Reporting
  • Campaign Management:
  • Automated Rules
  • Custom columns and views
  • Attribution
Time: 2.5 hours
$ 2,000

Participating in our SA360 Training Workshops will empower your team to make the most of SA360, drive efficient and effective search advertising campaigns, and maximize your return on investment. Led by experienced professionals, our workshops provide practical insights and real-world examples to ensure you can immediately apply your learnings.

Don’t miss this opportunity to upskill your team and unlock the full potential of SA360. Contact e-CENS today to book your spot in our SA360 Training Workshops and propel your search advertising strategies to new heights.