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migrating to ga4

Migrating to GA4: UA to GA

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Migrating to GA4: What you need to know

Are you migrating to GA4? It is no trivial task getting ready to switch from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4. It’s not enough to rely on either the Upgrade Assistant or reworking the tracking code. The migration process is a project that requires significant time and effort, and typically takes months to complete.

What’s more, the announcement of UA’s 2023 sunset created several additional challenges marketing experts and data analysts must overcome:

  • Tight migration deadline
  • Possible loss of data due to deletion of Properties
  • Lack of familiar UA features in GA4

However, tackling the switch from UA to GA4 becomes easier with expert guidance. With the right advisors and careful preparation beforehand, you’ll be ready to confidently start moving and managing your data – with a full year of GA4 experience under your belt prior to July 1, 2023.

New video: From UA to GA4

For an overview of the migration phases and best practices to apply when migrating to GA4, check out e-CENS’ Holger Tempel’s new video in our series exploring the differences between Google’s analytics platforms:

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UA vs. GA4: The Definitive eBook

Get the most out of GA4 – and then some.

Are you dreading the imminent discontinuation of Universal Analytics? Want to learn the benefits of Google Analytics 4?

Our comprehensive “Universal Analytics vs. Google Analytics 4” eBook will help you weigh the pros and cons of each software and provide you with a clear road map to transition to GA4 with ease. 

Learn more about Universal Analytics vs. GA4​​

Holger Tempel

Holger Tempel

Holger is among the first Google Analytics partners worldwide since early 2005. Holger is considered one of the leading experts on digital analytics and is a renowned trainer who can simplify complex ideas into real-world practical examples with actionable insights.

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