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Custom Google Analytics Training

with the e-CENS Team

Google Analytics Training
with e-CENS.

Custom Google Analytics Training

Custom Corporate Google Analytics Training

By creating custom Google Analytics training, e-CENS works with major organizations and businesses that wish to deepen their employees’ expertise in Google Analytics, specifically, and in Google Marketing Platform, overall.

Google Analytics Training As Unique As Your Organization

Google Analytics is implemented in every business; however, how it is used and is integrated into the data flow and the Martech stack may differ across organizations. Each business model and organization has its unique set of KPIs and objectives, resulting in no two Google Analytics implementations ever being the same. 

You can bring the whole marketing team, from executives to associates. The team all use the same tool, and e-CENS crafts the training agenda to accommodate all roles. We will customize your training to ensure that your team is fully operational in Google Analytics – from top to bottom.

How Do We Customize Google Analytics Training for Your Needs?

Curriculum Personalization Options

We structure corporate training with the common core sessions and individual sessions. This approach  allows your employees to attend the sessions that are relevant to them. Any customized, detailed training agenda is always developed with and signed off by our client. 

You can request a completely customized training based on your company’s Google Analytics instance. This allows e-CENS to build training around your own website and products. In this case, we require access to your Google Analytics account. 


What to Expect from the Custom Corporate Google Analytics Training

Our common objective is to make sure your team receives the most relevant education and can hit the ground running from day one. We ensure that the training your team receives is:



During the training, we use a wide variety of real-life use cases that we deploy or have deployed over the years of working with the leading organizations.



We encourage trainees to bring up their own use cases. We do not lecture during our training. Students perform hands-on activities coached by experts. Such hands-on experience is a key factor in the post-training success of participants.



We inform students at the onset of the training that there will be a final assessment to command their full attention and adherence to the flow of materials and activities. 

At the end of the training, we provide both an assessment of how well the trainee has adopted and understood the core concepts, and feedback to allow students to fill any remaining gaps in their knowledge. 


Focused on Continuous Education

Our training is highly engaging and trainee participation in learning sessions is high. At the end of the course, the test results measuring each attendee’s level of understanding are shared with the client. As are further recommendations of what areas the team would benefit from further practice in.

Needs-Based Training Customization Options

We develop a training agenda and material based on your team’s job descriptions and work requirements. You can also bring users who hold different responsibilities to the same training session to help them learn as a team. We present the common use case, and then we train marketing or IT users on how to leverage the tool for their specific needs and role.

Alternatively, we can provide function-specific training for each type of user. We can separate marketing, IT, and analytics team members to ensure that the skills they practice are as personalized as they can be and that each person receives focused attention.

Are you interested in discussing your team’s current proficiency gaps and your objectives?

Contact us for more information and to discuss your Google Analytics training needs.

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