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Google Analytics Training

with the e-CENS Team

Google Analytics
- Your Best Strategic Martech Investment.

Why Every Organization Should Invest in Google Analytics Training

Google Analytics implementation and usage improves the level of customer understanding and the marketing investment ROI.

Why Engage e-CENS to Conduct Google Analytics Training?

e-CENS is a Google Certified Marketing Platform Partner and a Google Certified Marketing Platform Sales Partner.

Does your team maximize the usage of Google Analytics to support revenue growth?

We see first-hand how underutilized Google Analytics really is in almost every company. 

Google Analytics Training is an excellent investment to optimize your team’s use of the most popular web analytics tool. Google Analytics is primarily used to understand your online visitors and assess the effectiveness of cross-channel marketing efforts.

As intuitive as the tool is, it still requires significant experience and training to fully leverage its value to the business.

Google Analytics and Google Marketing Platform

e-CENS is a Certified Google Partner offering a wide range of Analytics, Data, and Marketing Optimization services based on Google’s Marketing Platform (GMP) and tools typically installed at F500-level and by leading marketing organizations.

Google Analytics is an individual qualification and certification. Our training provides the material required for the qualification, comprehensive coverage of concepts, and practical experiences.

After becoming proficient in all topics covered in our course, you can confidently take the exam.

What Does Google Certified Marketing Platform Partner Mean?

Only about 10% of professional marketing and analytics services agencies in the world are Certified Google Partners, capable of proving the knowledge and performance on Google Marketing Platform that meets the high standard set by Google.

Comprehensive Coverage by the e-CENS Google Analytics Training

Our ongoing clients enjoy rollout and implementation of new features ahead of the competition, providing them with an edge in analytics, optimization, and automation.

Accordingly, e-CENS brings these five unique components to our courses:

e-CENS Clients are Saying

Industries We Serve​

governments Training
hospitality Training
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Subscription-based industries
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tourism boards
Tourism boards

Advantages of Being a Google Certified Partner

As a Google Certified Partner, we hear directly from Google about upcoming changes as partners participate in discussing and shaping future upgrades and features. We know when Google is working on new functionality before it hits the market and are the first to work with it in production when it is released. 

The Google partner ecosystem enjoys support from the Google organization with materials, learning opportunities, and seminars specifically designed for partners.

Specific Criteria to Become and Remain a Google Certified Partner

As a team, to become Google Certified Partner, we needed to demonstrate:


Business Credentials

e-CENS must prove that we are engaged in meaningful work using the Google Marketing Platform. The number of clients on our Google Suite is also verified.


Individual Credentials

Google Analytics is the individual certification. However, a threshold number of our team members must be certified and validated by Google.


Case Studies

We need to convince Google that the work we do is credible and provide case studies from our experience and client references that they verify.

A Smart Investment in Marketing Infrastructure and Growth

A one-time training for your organization will optimize your use of Google Analytics and guarantees a significant ROI – beyond what can be achieved by most automation investments. More efficient utilization of a free tool means less spending on expensive subscriptions, implementations, and integrations.

Investment in employee training is always a good investment. 

In the case of Google Analytics, it is a highly sought-after, transferable, and universally applicable skill.

Most of your team members will recognize and welcome this training opportunity.

The Unbeatable ROI of Google Analytics

The world-class marketing organizations invest millions of dollars in a wide range of enterprise-level marketing tools while still relying heavily on their free Google Analytics. All thanks to Google Analytics’ unique capabilities. 

With regular upgrades and new features, Google Analytics is still the leader in Marketing Automation and Analytics solutions. No competitor can match its value-to-price ratio!

Do you have new hires with minimal experience in Google Analytics?

When did your team last upgrade their Google Analytics skills?

Maximize the value of your FREE Google Analytics at a professional level: